Do and Don't


  • Tip the waiters/waitress or the taxi driver about 10% of the total of the bill.
  • Shaking hands and looking into the person’s eyes is the established form of greeting in Austria.
  • If you travel with your own car or with a rental car the rules of the Austrian Highway Code shall apply to you. The Austrian police shall punish failure to comply with these regulations with fines.
  • You are obliged to use a child seat for each child under the height of 150 cm in your car to ensure the safety of your child. Please ask your car rental company for further information.
  • In Austria – as in all European countries – you are required to wear a safety belt, even when sitting on the back seat of the vehicles.
  • Please comply with the prescribed speed limits: within the municipal area: max. 30- 50 km/h; on rural roads: max. 100 km/h and on the motorway: max. 130 km/h.
  • Between 1st November and 15th April of the following year cars must be fitted with winter tires or snow chains. Find out more from your car rental company.
  • Waste is separated in Austria into the following categories: organic waste, glass, cans, plastic and residual waste.



  • Usually smoking is not allowed in hotel rooms.